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Born on February 21, 1980, in Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl district, Anton Levin is a Russian composer, pianist, and music activist. He is a member of the Russian Union of Composers and Eurasian Art Union. From a young age, Anton knew that creating music was the purpose of his life. He enrolled in a music school and graduated with honors in piano. His lifelong goal has always been to expand his horizons in the field of composition and music creation. His passion for music and unique creative perspective drive Anton to seek opportunities for professional growth and self-expression. In 1998, he co-founded and led the group Millennium (which later changed its name to SANTERNO in 2004), where he played keyboards. Through his professional contributions to the group's creativity, it received nominations for various awards and achieved top rankings nationally. In 2005, the album "Six" was released, followed by two compilations in 2006, "Diving," (“Pogruzhenie”) and in 2007, "Shizomorph-1." The group quickly gained popularity, but fame brought its own set of challenges, including personnel issues. In 2012, it was decided to disband the group. In 2014, Anton transitioned entirely into individual creative work, composing music for commercial videos and advertisements. In 2017, he was invited to join the group Karcinoma as a composer and arranger, also performing keyboard parts. Their collaborative efforts resulted in the release of the album "Invictus" in 2021. In early 2020, Anton Levin ventured into the film industry, creating compositions for trailers and movies. This direction opened up new horizons for his creative endeavors. Anton collaborates closely with various global labels, such as ABSOLUTE MUSIC, POSITION MUSIC, FIGURE AND GROOVE, PHANTOM-POWER, MidnightAV, and others. To date, he has released more than six albums. In November 2021, he created and released the single "Way Back Home" in collaboration with the vocalist from his first group, Millennium, as a tribute to the past. In July 2023, Anton Levin accepted an offer from the world-renowned band Scald to work as a composer on their new album. In this project, he is involved in orchestrating the folk group's instrumental parts. Anton continues to compose music for the film industry, refining his skills as a composer, exploring new facets, and expanding the boundaries of musical creativity.

International associations.
  • Brief description of his professional work experience:

  • Composer in the folk metal band “Scald” (July 2023 to present)
  • – creating keyboard parts for the album. Composer at MidnightAV (June 2023) – Creating tracks in the Tribal style using ethnic folk instruments of the peoples of the north.
  • Composer on PHANTOME POWER (May 2023)
  • – Creating an epic album using trailer and cinematic mood.
  • Composer at ABSOLUTE MUSIC LIBRARY LIMITED (December 2022)
  • . Creation of classical music, which is written on a classical piano using an orchestra. A very gentle, free and memorable melody.
  • Composer on "Figure and Groove" Figure and Groove. (July 2022)
  • . Creation of an album in the style of Orchestral Hybrid Trailer music, consisting of 10 tracks. All tracks are distinguished by enormous intensity and high tension. The music features trailer hits, lots of uplifting, and a great mix of synthetic and orchestral instruments.
  • Composer at Position Music. (January 2021 – present).
  • Composer, keyboardist of the group "Karcinoma" (2017 - 2021).
  • Member of the group "Karcinoma", famous in his hometown - Yaroslavl. Additional work - assistance and full participation in the creation and recording of the album.
  • – judging at the Rock Festival in Rostov. Co-founder, composer, keyboardist of the group Millennium (in 2004 the group was renamed Santerno) (1998 – 2010).